As a Saratoga legend, Sperry’s excels as a timeless classic.

Never content to rest on our success, we use teamwork and quality as our foundation to provide a welcoming atmosphere, exceptional food and drink, and a most memorable dining experience.  The combination of unsurpassed attention to detail and commitment to service, results in our ability to always raise the bar.  We remain dedicated to take each and every patron beyond their expectations.  The goal is always to push the limits past what has been done before.

Out of the gate since 1932, we continue to proudly serve our community.

Historical Photo of Sperry's Restaurant, Saratoga Springs, New York

Established in 1932, Sperry’s Restaurant has been a part of the history that makes Saratoga Springs unique.

We are a popular destination for locals, visitors, and the horseracing industry.  Located in downtown Saratoga, Sperry’s has maintained the classic elegance this community is known for.  The original structure has been preserved and our history hangs on the walls, a reflection of the strong foundation we stand on today.